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Air Tight Doors
Air Tight Doors

  • Air Tight Doors

The Air Tight Door blocks air/gas flow in-between compartments and is designed to be completely airtight using a dual gasket packing system(Inflatable seal & Silicon seal) to prevent any contaminated air/gas from entering a clean area. It is used in military NBC facilities, atomic power plants and clean room laboratories.

For NBC facilities, the Air Tight Door is installed as a door in a region between a liquid contaminated area and a gas contaminated area, between a gas contaminated area and an airtight room, between an airtight room and a non-harmful zone, and a clean machine room and a contaminated machine room.

It is also installed in the inside of the blast proof door connecting a non-harmful zone to the outside. The door is made of steel or stainless steel equipped window and designed to resist considerable pressure and to be opened inward. This door makes it possible to maintain air tightness allowing one to push and open it when the indoor air pressure spikes up. It is also perfect for use as a main entrance door in conjunction with the blast proof door.

The Air Tight Door must meet the prescribed air leak standard (N S3206 Standard) : less than 0.5cmh per door of 1㎡ under 800Pa.

The doors use stainless or iron materials and the flaps and frames of the doors are secured on steel surfaces with epoxy or urethane paints to prevent contamination.

Vision pannels can be installed into the air tight doors on purpose to quickly deal with accidents by checking the situation of the internal and external rooms. A 'ㄷ-shaped rubber cap is fastened with bolts in order to ensure reliable shielding and prevent air from being leaked from between the window and the door.

Patents and Applications for Air tight Doors
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                working devices automatic/hand-powered
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