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EMP Doors
EMP Doors

  • EMP Doors

A nuclear explosion produces an electronic wave, and the generated electromagnetic field may damage electrical or electronic equipment.
The electromagnetic field may totally destroy some electronic parts and confuse other equipments. It can be used to interrupt enemies, can be made to detonate highly effective explosive compounds and destroy enemy electronic equipment and electrical circuits during a combat.

Thus, for CBR(Chemical, Biological and Radiological) protection facility level 1and 2, you have to be equipped with the proper protection facilities. For this purpose, it is necessary to plan design standards, constructions, and operations to ensure that systems in place are adequate, and among the basic requirements would be the installation of an EMP Door.

EMP is and abbreviation for Electro-Magnetic Pulse and a form of EMI which is characterized in that the electromagnetic field has a short rise time and very high intensity. And, it is classified into 4 types according to cause as following.

LEMP(Lightning Electro-Magnetic Pulse), which is caused by lightning.
NEMP(Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse), which is caused by nuclear explosions in the atmosphere.
MEMP(Manmade Electro-Magnetic Pulse), which is caused by radio frequency weapons.
HPM(High Power Microwave), which is a special form of MEMP.

The attenuation of EMP by a shield depends on the frequency range. For waves which are not plane, the distance from the EMP source to the shield and whether the measurement is to refer to the magnetic field or the electrical field will also be of decisive importance to the shiwld's ability to fulfill a desired degree of shielding.
An exact specification of requirements must therefore contain an indication of a test standard which specifies the distance between aerials and shield as well as attenuation requirements for magnetic field, electrical field and plane waves at stated frequency ranges.

To implement effective EMP protection, you must have the following standard equipment and products by domestic or overseas authorities;

  1. 1. EMP Doors
  2. 2. EMP Beehive-shaped Vents
  3. 3. Gas Shut-off Connecting Pipes for Electricity and Piping
  4. 4. EMP Breakers
  5. 5. EMP Filters to Protect Electrical Wires
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